What are others saying about Dr. Crosby?


Dr. Chaka Smith, Licensed Professional Counselor

"I was able to hear Dr. Crosby speak at a United Way event in South Carolina. I was blown away by his story and how quickly he was able to connect with and empower all those in attendance, including myself. If you get the opportunity to see Dr. Crosby speak, or have him at your event, don't hesitate, just do it!"


Heather Peterson, Director of Culture and Climate

"Dr. Daryl Crosby is a high-energy and passionate educator.  He uses his experiences as an administrator, teacher and coach to engage participants into reflecting on what legacy of greatness they want to create.  He is a dynamic speaker that shares real life experiences to connect with audiences and provides tangible tools in the areas of leadership, equity and community building."


Brittany Day, Physical Education Instructor/Coach

"When looking towards leadership I was inspired by Dr. Daryl Crosby.  I was lucky enough to work under him for two years at Machen Elementary.  At that time I was inspired to do more and to look at education beyond just teaching physical education.  I have listened to his podcasts and been able to ask him about educational leadership.  Listening to him talk about leadership is uplifting and his wealth of knowledge is extensive.  I am constantly inspired by the practices that he shares with me and the excitement that he has for leadership in education and in many other aspects.  Dr. Crosby teaches and guides people to  become leaders and helps them in their steps going forward." 


Kiyanna Levy, Literacy Coach

"Growing as an educator under the leadership of Dr. Daryl Crosby has been a pivotal moment in my career. He has taught me the power of transformation. His encouraging words have impacted not only my outlook on my career path, but while becoming a more well-rounded person. I am incredibly thankful for the advice given regarding staying consistent and optimistic while realizing my dreams. I know that any insight given by Dr. Crosby is of his own humble experiences and a very positive place."


Lisa Riley, Assistant Principal

"Dr. Crosby is a passionate speaker! He is able to reach his audience on a personal and professional level. Listening to Dr. Crosby will not only elicit laughter, but a new found perspective on leadership. You will leave Dr. Crosby's session energized and ready to meet any challenges that arise!"