Daryl Crosby Ed.D.

Allow him to make an INFINITE IMPACT on your organization, so that YOU can too!


 LEGACY Within: The Educator Characteristics of Greatness

  Take a deeper dive into Dr. Crosby's book LEGACY Within and discover or rediscover 5 traits that are bound to help you transform from        being an average educator to an EFFECTIVE Educator. The training that this workshop provides is self reflective and transparent and it          forces educators and leaders into a mode of personal development that is contagious. 

  L.E.A.D.E.R.ship Stinks...But I LOVE it!

  Aspiring leaders, are you sure you want to do this? Veteran leaders, are you sure you want to continue? So many people rush to stand on   the platform of leadership but for various reasons. Many times it is for the WRONG reasons. Leaders have an opportunity to leave an   Infinite Impact on not just one person, but generations of people. It should not be taken lightly. Discover or Rediscover your WHY of   leadership.

  Character Over Content

  Content data means absolutely nothing if the climate and culture of a building has not been established with the right character in place      from the start when EVERYONE is focused on improving themselves, taking ownership, establishing and maintaining relationships, THAT is    when a school will perform at its maximum potential.



Book Dr. Crosby for any or ALL of these topics and your school, department, organization will yield LEGENDARY results!


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