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Dr. Daryl Crosby has been in the education field since 2001 impacting the lives of students, families, and staff in various schools. He has always had the capacity to be a phenomenal leader and has taken every opportunity to observe different styles of leadership, its pros and cons, and its challenges. He has an evident passion to see people find their purpose in life and to reach their fullest potential. He has a strong desire to use his leadership platform to make an Infinite Impact on others while leaving a LEGACY!

A product of the Hampton City School system, Daryl continued his formal education by receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and Master in Teaching in Music Education from Hampton University. He has recently completed his doctoral journey in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University as well as Administrative Endorsements in Educational Leadership and Administration from The George Washington University.

Daryl currently serves as Elementary Assistant Principal for Hampton City Schools in VA. His ultimate goal is to develop, grow, and coach future leaders so they can make a stronger impact on the people they serve on their platform. Daryl is the author of LEGACY Within: The Educator, and host of the upcoming Infinite Impact Leadership Podcast. Although Daryl has a music background, in fact he is also a professional DJ, he understands that is not his sole purpose. He has transitioned into a career path where he is directly leading, coaching motivating and helping others find their very own purpose and life paths. With this shift he has had the privilege of speaking at various events including The United Way of Anderson County in South Carolina, Hampton City Schools, Virginia Beach School System, and more and is looking forward to grow with his leadership experiences and travel across the world sharing some of his leadership principles to new and seasoned educators and leaders across the board.

In his first book, LEGACY Within: The Educator, Dr. Crosby gives a snapshot of how important it is for educators to display 5 certain characteristics that separate educators from mediocrity. LEGACY Within is a prompt for individuals to combine their inner greatness with the mastery of their subject, thereby ensuring their LEGACY of producing high achieving students and enhance global education. The second book is coming soon…..!

Along with wife Dr. Jaryn Crosby, they started an organization called MY LIFE MY LEGACY Inc. This award-winning organization is helping high school students understand the importance of achieving formal education after high school while helping them enroll in colleges and universities of their qualified choice. Since its existence, MY LIFE MY LEGACY Inc. has produced many students who currently attend or have already graduated from colleges and universities in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and more. 


“Leadership is a PLATFORM not a PEDESTAL!!!” - Dr. Daryl Crosby

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