Meet Dr. Crosby


Dr. Daryl Crosby has been in the education field since 2001 impacting the lives of students, families, and staff in various schools. He has always had the capacity and the drive to be a phenomenal leader and has taken every opportunity to observe different styles of leadership, their pros and cons, and challenges. He has an evident passion to see people find their purpose in life and to reach their fullest potential. He has a strong desire to use his leadership platform to make an Infinite Impact on others while leaving a LEGACY!

A product of the Hampton City School system, Daryl continued his formal education by receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Music Performance and Master in Teaching in Music Education from Hampton University. He was so eager to continue learning that he completed his doctoral journey in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University as well as administrative endorsements in Educational Leadership and Administration from The George Washington University.

His unconventional rise to educational leadership came with many “NO’s,” failures, and personal disappointments. Yet, the journey also included motivational stories and experiences that Dr. Crosby loves sharing anytime the opportunity arises. In his CROSBY Principle of L.E.A.D.E.R.ship he emphasizes 4 levels of education:

  1. Surface (when someone has an interest in a subject and does casual research).

  2. Institutional (when someone enrolls in an educational program about that subject).

  3. Applied (when someone begins to work in that subject/field).

  4. Shared (when someone gains experience in that particular subject, then intentionally teaches, trains, and mentors other people within that subject/field).

While he is a lifelong learner, he loves the sharing phase of his principle, and uses his talent of speaking to share his experiences with audiences who have the desire to improve as an educator, a leader, and a person.

Dr. Crosby is a veteran educator who has gained his experience, defined, and refined his expertise in the classroom as well as on the leadership platform. He has valuable wisdom as a leader and speaker providing keynotes, workshops, and trainings, engaging staff and audiences with his personable and charismatic approach creating an awesome learning experience fostering change thinking, behavior, and creating IMPACT!​